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Flora of Virginia exhibition at the Library of Virginia

2nd Printing of Flora Well Received

The second printing of the Flora of Virginia is moving well, and all back orders have been filled. Thank you for your patience! Order from BRIT Press (click the red button for information). You may also buy the Flora from, but that option is less helpful to the Flora of Virginia Project!

The second printing includes corrections of any errors that users reported. It is also a little thinner and a little lighter. The price is $89.99, plus $6.50 shipping and handling.

If you have a copy from the first printing, download the corrections from this site, and mark them in your copy. Go to the pulldown menu titled "The Flora Project," and select the first entry, "Errata."

If you find an error in the Flora, check to see if it's in the Errata. If not, please let us know! Click here to e-mail us the correction. We'll add it to the online Errata and correct it in the next printing we do (and, eventually, in the app). Thank you!

Virginia's first flora since 1762's Flora Virginica is a modern guide to 3,164 plant species native to or naturalized in the commonwealth. The product of an 11-year effort, the Flora of Virginia contains innovative keys for identification, cutting-edge taxonomy, detailed habitat information, and an exhaustive description of each plant. As a further aid to identification, 1,400 of the plants are accompanied by an original illustration depicting key features.

Apropos of the App

The Flora Project's App Committee had its first meeting in early February to plan our approach of creation of the App. Three subgroups are charged with nailing down content needs of three main audiences, K-12 students, university students and professionals, and serious amateur botanists. Another subgroup is determining exactly the data fields the App will use and considering how the information will be distributed.

Database work is complete, thanks to a grant from the Virginia Environmental Endowment. The Virginia Native Plant Society raised more than $8,000 toward app development, and a hearty year-end response from our friends will also help with this effort. Once we have our exact wish list, we will work with programmers and seek grants to further cover development. Stay tuned!

The Flora on TV

The Flora Project was featured on Virginia Currents, an award-winning program of Richmond's Community Idea Stations. For a close-up on the origins of the Flora and why it's important, watch the program online. The Flora's the first segment.

Our Partners

The Flora Project's success is the gift of many people and groups. Especially vital are our official partners: the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, which provides essential personnel and logistic support through its Division of Natural Heritage; Virginia Botanical Associates, which provides maps and data for our use and whose Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora we're electroncally linking with the plant descriptions in the Flora; Richmond's Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which has generously made available its Herbarium Virginicum (operated jointly with Virginia Commonwealth University) for study of specimens used in verifying plant measurements for the Flora and provides rooms for our board meetings; the Virginia Academy of Science, which had sustained a dream of a modern Virginia flora virtually since its founding in 1923 and whose ongoing support, especially of illustrations, has proved invaluable to the Flora Project; and the Virginia Native Plant Society, which not only represents a key audience of the Flora of Virginia but also has lent expertise and unflaggingly given financial support, at state, chapter, and individual levels.

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