Forest photo: Michael Terry

You can sponsor a plant family

Yes, you can sponsor a plant family! Virginia's flora represents 200 plant families. An individual donor whose cumulative giving to the Flora of Virginia Project reaches $4,000 is entitled to sponsor a family of his or her choice. (And for any subsequent $4,000 increment a donor is entitled to sponsor an additional family.)

Sponsorship, of course, depends upon availability. Please see this family list to see what families are available.

Your sponsorship will be listed in the Flora of Virginia along with your name, at the level of your support. (And you will also receive a copy of the Flora, which recognizes individual giving of $1,000 or more.)

If you have already donated to the Flora Project and would like to increase your giving to the $4,000 level, please call Bland Crowder at 804-371-5561, and he will help you in reviewing your previous donations and selecting a family.