Asclepias photo: Michael Terry

Images of Virginia Plants

Photographs are being added to the Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora in a joint project spearheaded by the Flora of Virginia Project. Photographs being added to the atlas are being donated by the Division of Natural Heritage or by citizen volunteers. The photos below are all by the late Kenneth Lawless and are protected by copyright. They show some members of the family Ranunculaceae, which includes the buttercups, columbines, hepaticas, and clematis.

Actaeae pachypoda (Ranunculaceae), White Baneberry or White Cohosh, by Kenneth Lawless
Actaea pachypoda Elliott
White Baneberry; Doll's-eyes; White Cohosh
Anemone virginica (Ranunculaceae), Tall Anemone, by Kenneth Lawless
Anemone virginica Linnaeus var. virginiana
Tall Anemone; Thimbleweed
Image of Aquilegia canadensis (Ranunculaceae), Canada Columbine, by Kenneth Lawless
Aquilegia canadensis Linnaeus
Canada Columbine; Eastern Columbine
Image of Caltha palustris (Ranunculaceae), Marsh Marigold, by Kenneth Lawless
Caltha palustris Linnaeus var. palustris
Marsh Marigold; Cowslip
Clematis ochroleuca (Ranunculaceae), Curlyheads, by Kenneth Lawless
Clematis ochroleuca Aiton
Image of Delphinium exaltatum (Ranunculaceae), Tall Larkspur, by Kenneth Lawless
Delphinium exaltatum Aiton
Tall Larkspur
Ranunculus bulbosus (Ranunculaceae), Bulbous Buttercup, by Kenneth Lawless
Ranunculus bulbosus Linnaeus
Bulbous Buttercup