Forest photo: Michael Terry

You can donate to the Flora of Virginia Project

When you give to the Flora of Virginia Project, you help all our programs, concentrating on education, learning, outreach, training, and a computer app. You also send the message that you're concerned about the fate of Virginia's natural environment and are taking steps to protect it. The five giving levels are listed here, along with a new menu of premiums you can receive in recognition of your gift. Donors will also be acknowledged in future reports.

Giving level Giving amount Premiums
White Oak $100,000 or more 1) A copy of the Flora of Virginia
2) your choice of a) a framed print of the Flora dust jacket illustration autographed by chief illustrator Lara Call Gastinger or b) a portfolio of reproductions of 10 of her Flora illustrations, completed in watercolor.
Sweet Bay Magnolia $50,000 to $99,999 1) A copy of the Flora
2) your choice of a) a portfolio of your choice of four reproductions described above or b) one reproduction, framed and matted.
Great Laurel $10,000 to $49,999 1) A copy of the Flora of Virginia
2) a portfolio of two prints of the reproductions described above.
Virginia Bluebell $1,000 to $9,999 A copy of the Flora of Virginia.
Spring-beauty less than $1,000 For gifts of $100 to $999, a set of 10 informal notes featuring illustrations from the Flora of Virginia.

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Give by Check

Print and complete a donation form and mail it with your check, payable to the Flora of Virginia Project, to

Flora of Virginia Project
P.O. Box 512
Richmond, VA 23218-0512

Employer Match

If your employer matches gifts to charities, notify your benefits office that you have given to the Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project Inc., and please let us know so that we may thank your employer.


Your gift is tax-deductible, per IRS regulations. You will receive from us a letter of acknowledgement that will include a receipt for use in your tax returns. The value of any premium you receive will be deducted from the tax-deductible amount. .