Cypripedium photo: Michael Terry

Future focus of the Flora of Virginia Project

Now that the Flora of Virginia has been published, the work of the Flora Project turns outward.

Education Creation of teaching and learning modules using the Flora will teach students the value of the book and how to use it, as well as improve plant-identification A tablet computer with a Flora of Virginia app icon. skills and allow contact with educators regarding these activities. A network is envisioned by which teachers may themselves be trained to teach people how to use the Flora.

Exhibition 2014 The Flora Project and the Library of Virginia are designing a major exhibition at the Library that will run from March to September 2014 titled "The Flora of Virginia." It will feature early botanical works, illustrations, herbarium specimens, and illustrations and sculptures, some done just for the exhibition.

The App! The Flora will have a useful life of decades, but it's hard to predict demand for an eventual second edition in light of the rapidly changing field of publishing. With partial funding from the Virginia Environmental Endowment, development has begun on a digital version, usable in the field with a smartphone or a tablet. It will combine two other ecological databases with the Flora's own data and will allow customized searches.

Flora Talks and Exhibits Flora staff, board members, and friends will be talking a many events through 2013 and into 2014, focusing on how best to use the Flora. Some talks will be accompanied by an exhibit of original artwork from the Flora. This series is made possible in part by a grant from the Richard Gwathmey and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust.

Internet Forums This website will soon be the hub of communication among Flora users. They'll be able to ask questions, report errors, communicate among themselves, and mention exciting plant finds. Also, teachers will be able to communicate with students and other teachers about Flora-related learning.