Forest photo: Michael Terry

Flora of Virginia: Corporations and Foundations

These corporations and foundations have given the Flora Project significant financial support.

D. Baker Ames Charitable Foundation

The Cameron Foundation

Dominion Resources Dominion invests in programs that improve the quality of life in communities where the company provides electricity or natural gas service or has significant facilities and business interests. Dominion Foundation website

Richard Gwathmey and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust A strong backer of the Flora Project, the Gwathmey Trust provided grants that allowed the Project to commission many of the 1,400 illustrations used in the species descriptions of the Flora. More recently, the Trust provided a grant that is helping with costs of the "Flora Talks," which staff and board members are giving throughout Virginia, as well as several planned "Art of the Flora" exhibits.

The Kington Foundation

Mary Morton Parsons Foundation The Parsons Foundation has supported the creation of seven plant families for the Flora.

The Robins Foundation

Virginia Academy of Science and Virginia Academy of Science, Fellows The VAS has given generously to underwrite creation of many of the species illustrations in the Flora. VAS website, VAS Fellows website

Virginia Environmental Endowment The mission of Virginia Environmental Endowment is to improve the quality of the environment by using its capital to encourage all sectors to work together to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote environmental literacy. VEE is one of only two donors to the Flora Project to be listed in the Flora at the White Oak giving level ($100,000 or more). One of the Flora Project's earliest supporters, VEE recently provided a grant funding database development for the planned Flora app. VEE website.

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities The VFH provided a grant in 2012 under which the Flora Project commissioned creation of a character modeled on the life of John Clayton, the Colonial Virginia naturalist on whose collections and writings Flora Virginica (mid-1700s) was based. Richard Cheatham, a principal of Living History Associates, Richmond, researched the character, worked with experts on botany and the humanities, as well as representatives of the Flora Project, to create the character. Cheatham has also portrayed John Tyler, John Rolfe, and Meriwether Lewis.

Virginia Native Plant Society The purpose of the Virginia Native Plant Society is to further appreciation and conservation of Virginia's native plants and habitats. Its programs emphasize public education, protection of endangered species, habitat preservation, and encouragement of appropriate landscape use of native plants. The VNPS, its chapters, and its individual members continue to be stalwart supporters of the Flora Project. VNPS website